Monday, December 7, 2009

Hey now

I write this post from the El Paso Public Library. As many of you know, my plans of Bastyr have changed and I have been exploring other options for my education. One option is Maternidad La Luz in El Paso, Texas. MLL is a birthing clinic and midwifery school on the border which provides a very hands-on midwifery education ( I arrived in El Paso Friday morning. On Saturday I shadowed a student for a 24 hour shift at the clinic and was able to observe one birth and many prenatal/postpartum visits (a slow-moderate day at the clinic). It is a high volume clinic with many of the clients coming over from Juarez. Overall this place seems to be right in line with what I want to be doing...midwifery, public health, on the border, etc.
I also would like to inform you all that I was just recently accepted to apprentice a traditional midwife in Guatemala. The dates are not certain. I am waiting to hear back from my landlord about adjusting my lease from 1 year to 6 months. If this is possible I may be going in March and starting at MLL in September. OR, I may need to keep my lease which means Guatemala in September and MLL in March. I am OK with either but my eager excitement makes me cross my fingers about getting out there in March. Vamos a ver.
In other news, I will be returning to Seattle on Wednesday and continuing to work at the Madison Market and attend births with my doula clients through Open Arms. Thanks for tuning in and I'll let y'all know how things work out.