Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hey y'all

Olive and I will be leaving Seattle on Friday for California. We will be picking up our car and spending some time at the ocean and in the mountains of that fine state. Then we will head back to Seattle for a short while before the big trip.
If you are a friend along the way, we would like to come see you. If you are a friend in Seattle, we would like to sleep at your house for a few days. I will be taking a Birth Doula training course on Aug 19-22 and then I will be wading around town until Elizabeth gives birth (Sept. 8th). A night or two would do. We are comfortable with migrating from house to house for a few weeks. Let me know if you are interested.
So the big trip... After the birth we will head to Glacier National Park and visit Bethanna at the Park Cafe for a bit and then we will head east by way of the north. I am going to attempt to write diligently and keep y'all in the loop. I am also open to suggestions, recommendations and accommodations throughout our trip. When we get east we will go south and then west and eventually end up in Los Angeles a week or two before Christmas.
Stay tuned...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh Wonder

Return to me, oh Wonder
walk along the sides of my
slightly bulging hips and
slowly growing toenails.

Show me again why
this life is worthy of sunshine
and banana bread.
Fill my head with purple crocuses,
haul out the corpses of
winter's withered shurbs.

Call me into the water
Call me into you, oh Wonder.

Oh Wonder wash me in
the river of glass
water sharp and slashing
passing over
collarbone and ear lobe.

Oh Wonder my red warm
water deep purple crocus
Oh Wonder will the pain ever stop
if it never begins?

Come within me
part this red sea raging
with pent up potential
and casual creativity.

Crawl through my caverns
call me by my name,
oh Wonder,
won't you call me by my name?

musing with the trees

our children are born
we groan and are heard.
our children die and get sick
we moan and are silenced.

our dreams begin again
visions of everything wrong
our sense of shame and anger
dreams without sleeping.

i wonder if the trees know of this
cycle of good and terrible
this circle of bliss and misery
drawn on our bellies.

sometimes i swear i hear them weeping
when the wind cuts through thier branches
it sounds like loss or hurt
or contentment.

if only we could grow rings
and have something to show
for the pain of each years passing
then we too could be consoled by the breeze
like those towering branches of trees
arms outstreched
embracing the next blow
of snow or rain.

we would grow wise in our waiting
and give birth each year knowing
only a few of our saplings will survive.