Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Publication

The other day my friend Fletch gave me a copy of a zine she just finished. it was a simple, small personal publication documenting her thoughts and travel stories. After reading "Vagabondear" I was inspired to put together my own little booklet. I started it a few nights ago and I decided to call it "Maga: prelude to a zine". It will be a collection of past writings, poems, etc. to compile and share. Maybe this will be a start to a regular publication of my writings... Letting you all know so that you can let me know who wants one when they are complete, and partly because telling you all will encourage me to actually complete it. That is all for now dear ones. Besos.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yes, snow in the Southwest. Here are some photos my friend Jade took of
Olive playing in the snow...

Monday, February 9, 2009

an update overdue

friends and others... a brief update on the happenings and soon to be happenings of my life:

1. soon to be starting a community garden in Douglas. right now we are diggin' a bit and getting the soil ready. I have been preparing seeds in a window. today i bought chicken shit :)

2. some of the worlds coolest people are visiting the border right now to volunteer at the center and they are helping me start the garden. they are also cooking with me and being friends. they are making me feel better about the world...just in time.

3. today i got pulled over for the first time ever. apparently i was speeding, but the guy was nice because he saw my cheeks were all wet (explanation soon to come).

4. today i cried for the first time in months. it felt good.

5. i have developed the mouth of a sailor...just for fun.

6.there are a lot of migrants coming through the center. everyday.

7.last night i played in the dirt under the full moon. hair has grown to my collarbone.

9.i am uncertain about all things in life as of late. this may not be a terrible thing. but then again, i am not sure.

thats all that comes to mind at this time. thanks for tuning in.