Friday, November 14, 2008

Return to the Borderlands Update

Early Sunday morning I will catch a flight from Philidelphia back to Phoenix after visiting mmy friend Nikki and her community at Cambria House. I have been offered a paid position as the US coordinator of the Migrant Resource Center in Agua Prieta and I am set to start mid-December. I will be provided with an apartment in Agua Prieta and a small piece of land to grow things. I am not sure how long this job will last, since my salary will be coming from donations from No Mas Muertes, but I am prepared to commit for a while. So, dear friends, if anyone is up for a trip down south you are welcome to stay with me. Mi casa es su casa. Abrazos.


davisconfused said...

congratulations on your new position! just what you were looking for. though you're moving away from the embrace of bisbee i think you can find what you need in your new place. blessings!

Oliver said...

Is your PO Box still a good address to send things to?
I read this today in a book:
la tierra que me vio nacer

I thought you might appreciate it.