Monday, February 9, 2009

an update overdue

friends and others... a brief update on the happenings and soon to be happenings of my life:

1. soon to be starting a community garden in Douglas. right now we are diggin' a bit and getting the soil ready. I have been preparing seeds in a window. today i bought chicken shit :)

2. some of the worlds coolest people are visiting the border right now to volunteer at the center and they are helping me start the garden. they are also cooking with me and being friends. they are making me feel better about the world...just in time.

3. today i got pulled over for the first time ever. apparently i was speeding, but the guy was nice because he saw my cheeks were all wet (explanation soon to come).

4. today i cried for the first time in months. it felt good.

5. i have developed the mouth of a sailor...just for fun.

6.there are a lot of migrants coming through the center. everyday.

7.last night i played in the dirt under the full moon. hair has grown to my collarbone.

9.i am uncertain about all things in life as of late. this may not be a terrible thing. but then again, i am not sure.

thats all that comes to mind at this time. thanks for tuning in.


Oliver said...

from one sailor to the next...
I can't fucking sleep.
Send me some sleepiness. I will call you soon, I am just waiting for a moment when I have the time and mind.

kolks said...

glad the cop pardoned you....when you have time and want to call me...I'm not doing anything but being pregnant.... and reading your updates...

davisconfused said...

are you so certain that you're uncertain? in my oppinion your actions show that you have not sacrificed bold actions and commitment to uncertainty. just don't worry your pretty little head. you're doing(and NOT doing) wonderfully.
next time on the phone you'll have to give me some of your sailor mouth, just for fun.

Oliver said...

my dad got a job in tempe, az today. As long as everything works out, he'll be living there and that makes you only 4 hours away :)