Sunday, April 19, 2009

downside up

from the down side looking upward
i see life
how it has and has not been lived.

on the front side looking back
i see an old child.

from the hind side moving forward
i feel a fresh light filling my chest
and i am a fluorescent filament.

from atop this hill i see
how foolish i have been
believing the next move will make me
seeking a strong storm to break me.

on this side of yesterday,
i see that yesterday is.

yesterday i am born
yesterday i am beginning
yesterday i become.


Rocket said...

I'm mad you never called me as I feel I could have been some support somehow! Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather and glad that you left FdC knowing that it wasn't right for you!

If youre ever in my neck of the woods....give me a call...or maybe I should call you. Does your phone still work?


Hannah Stitzlein said...

Hello dearest! I thought you might enjoy reading this blog: she talks about her garden and food and... its pretty fantastic. :0) I hope you are doing well

Piero said...

Aún sin notas que agracien sus versos, tus palabras le cantan una melodia a la vida.

We should talk sometime soon :)