Wednesday, June 3, 2009


an in conclusive decision has been made. yes, i will be going back to school. no, i do not exactly know where. my thoughts:

1. leave seattle after a few glorious summer months
2. hit the road with my dog
3. visit people i love in their respective locations around the country
4. settle in tucson in the winter and start taking my prerequisites.
5. learn to play harmonica better while on the road.
6. be a better human.

any suggestions/words of wisdom/advice...?


kolks said...

I won't be in the bay till sept I'm hoping, hopefully you will get to see Purple and me...she is soooo big now

Piero said...

Um, the "visit people I love in their respective locations around the country" sounds awesome :)

Christine said...

I hope "visiting" includes coming to our house for a day or two at least :)

We miss you SO much!!
Love you!