Friday, August 13, 2010

Category Three: North by Southwest Roadtrip

The first few weeks of September Basil and i are going to drive down through Oregon and California until we get to the Bisbee, Arizona. We will be making this trip to visit friends and family and ultimately, to get Olive who has been living with Jade in Bisbee since I was in Guatemala.
We have an open-ish itinerary so if you are in any of those states and want us to stop by, let me know.


Hannah Stitzlein said...

Please come by our house on your way! I would love to meet Basil and I would love to see your sunny face as well. :0) I hope that works out. And if you want to stop by on the way back you can do that (and/or). Hope to see you soon!

shelley said...

Hi Rachel: Let me know when you are in So Cal so we can meet and catch up. Lots of info to exchange both ways. It will be good to see you. Shelley