Monday, April 16, 2012

Blast from the Past

I have been seeking distraction from school work quite regularly lately. My distraction of choice today has been thumbing through the stack of old journals on my bookshelf. There seem to be hundreds of little one-two lined thoughts scribbled into margins and unedited poems on napkins stuffed into the journals' cover pockets. Resurrecting these journals feels like discovering old photo albums of my most personal memories.

Here is a little untitled, unedited bit I found from 2008. Upon reading it, I remembered exactly where I was and what was happening when I wrote it. Bisbee, AZ at the Stock Exchange bar listening to Dylan Charles and his band play their hearts out.

To be free
on two knees
like the metallic pause
of the trumpet's cry
or the saxophones weeping.

To live in loss
as if it was ever
not so.

It's the same as letting go
of anything
of everything
you never had.

Like the love
that has not yet filled
or fit
the contours
of your insides.

Releasing can be relieving
but it can also be deranging.

Listen up,
don't you sit still, child,
tap tip tap your toes
nod and bob that head
switch and sway those hips.

The trumpet and the saxophone
will tell you all you need to know for now
this sound.

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