Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hey y'all

Olive and I will be leaving Seattle on Friday for California. We will be picking up our car and spending some time at the ocean and in the mountains of that fine state. Then we will head back to Seattle for a short while before the big trip.
If you are a friend along the way, we would like to come see you. If you are a friend in Seattle, we would like to sleep at your house for a few days. I will be taking a Birth Doula training course on Aug 19-22 and then I will be wading around town until Elizabeth gives birth (Sept. 8th). A night or two would do. We are comfortable with migrating from house to house for a few weeks. Let me know if you are interested.
So the big trip... After the birth we will head to Glacier National Park and visit Bethanna at the Park Cafe for a bit and then we will head east by way of the north. I am going to attempt to write diligently and keep y'all in the loop. I am also open to suggestions, recommendations and accommodations throughout our trip. When we get east we will go south and then west and eventually end up in Los Angeles a week or two before Christmas.
Stay tuned...


Hannah Stitzlein said...

You can always stay with us if that fits into your travels, otherwise if you just want to stop by for a hello and some tea/a meal you're more than welcome to. :0) Hope to see you soon!

Hannah Stitzlein said...

This is the link to the Fermentation Festival in Portland next thursday. See you soon lady!