Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh Wonder

Return to me, oh Wonder
walk along the sides of my
slightly bulging hips and
slowly growing toenails.

Show me again why
this life is worthy of sunshine
and banana bread.
Fill my head with purple crocuses,
haul out the corpses of
winter's withered shurbs.

Call me into the water
Call me into you, oh Wonder.

Oh Wonder wash me in
the river of glass
water sharp and slashing
passing over
collarbone and ear lobe.

Oh Wonder my red warm
water deep purple crocus
Oh Wonder will the pain ever stop
if it never begins?

Come within me
part this red sea raging
with pent up potential
and casual creativity.

Crawl through my caverns
call me by my name,
oh Wonder,
won't you call me by my name?


mtnmama said...

Thank you!!! cannot even voice more of a reply than this - striking nerves my dear girl! striking nerves!

Olivia said...

so lovely and moving rae.
thanks for sharing these golden worlds with us.
love & respect

davisconfused said...

i enjoyed reciting this to myself in my head. keep freeing yourself in expression of your experience. spreads love and appreciation.