Friday, September 11, 2009

Done did it

I live here. For real. I am embarking on week two in my new home on the southeast end of the Emerald City and I am falling in love with this place all over again. I will try to find a way to share photos in the near future but until then I will do my best with words.
I live in an old building above an Ethiopian "spices and phone cards" store and a barber shop named, A Cut Above. The entrance to the building has a faded grey sign with the name Mohawk Apartments legible only to the keen observer.
Deep red carpet with golden mandala print lead to the stairs with broad wooden banisters heavy laden with many layers of paint. The stairway seems to always smell of incense and maple syrup shifting quickly to frying chicken as you enter the second floor hallway.
I live in a semi-unoccupied wing of the second floor next to the fire escape (my adopted balcony). I have a bright blue kitchen and four large windows that look out to a jungle. The first floor rooftop is outside of my windows and it has been converted to a tropical potted plant garden by an elderly Vietnamese woman named Linda.
The linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom is at least 35 years old and has the most pleasant yellow and orange designs. There is a large closet equipped with a "shoes rack". The shoes rack is a shelf the previous tenant left in the closet with such a description hand painted in cursive on the top shelf. The shower is walled with tiny blue square tiles and there is a big tub. The main room is spacious and I have acquired a few articles of found furniture and last week I made a cloth lantern for the ceiling light.
All in all I am happy to be here. I should be getting a job sometime soon at the Madison Market (the only true food co-op in Seattle). I will take the fall to get settled and start my prerequisites in the winter at the community college. In about a year and a half I should be all set to being the Naturopathic Doctor/Midwifery dual program at Bastyr.
Thanks for tuning in....more to come soon.


Hannah Stitzlein said...

I'm very glad to hear about all this! :0) I'm so excited that you're going to do this. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? All of our friends are leaving and we can't go to California or Ohio but if you'll be around we'd love to spend the day with you! :0)

lazy bones said...

tomato soup recipe....

Piero said...

what a delightful little description :)

abigail deon said...

what wonderful news. your apt building sounds quite pleasant. this is good. what neighborhood are you living in?

davisconfused said...

so happy with you! i'd like to experience all those details myself, though i almost feel i'm there through your description.
my shoe shelf is the sill above the stairway to my new room upstairs. order is soon to come to this space. all has it's place.
cool that you'll be madison market staff. i worked there for over eight years. now i've finally done some other things too. you have already tried various jobs. hope you dig this one.

kolks said...

will you be our dr?