Monday, February 15, 2010

Movin' Along

Hello friends and family. In a couple of weeks I will be leaving Seattle for Guatemala. I will be attending Proyecto Liguistico Quetzalteco, a language school, for three weeks before beginning my midwifery apprenticeship. I will apprentice for two months and return to Seattle on June 9th to celebrate the union Cory and Shauna on the 12th. From the middle of June to the middle-end of July I will be roaming about a bit eventually ending up in El Paso sometime in August. September 1st I will begin the midwifery program at Maternidad La Luz for one year.Whew.
The next few weeks here will be full of farewells. I have decided to let Olive have new people care for her. Olive will be living in Madison, Wisconsin with our dear friends Heather and Mike indefinitely. This was a tough decision but I feel like they are able to give her a lot more stability and attention than I will be able to in the next few years. I will also be saying goodbye to Seattle as home and all the folks in my life here. The last six months have been full of loving friends who will be dearly missed: my neighbors Nikki, Chris and Viva, the mothers I have helped in birth and their new babies, my Co-op family and my new love Basil.
I will try to be diligent about posting has things move along. thanks for tuning in.


Robert said...

No AP....bummmer.....good luck!

dandelionsnnettles said...

awesome!! i have so much excitement pouring out for you in this MAJOR journey!! maybe we will see us in june?