Saturday, May 15, 2010

change of tune

on thursday i left calderas for xela. things got a bit rough in the last week or so. im not sure how it happenend but over time i was being included less and less in the pre-natal, postpardum and labor visits and then i was left out of two births altogether.
seeing as that was why i was there (and paying to be there) i had a talk with eulalia and the director of the program and decided to leave 2 weeks early.
we had a few heart-to-heart conversations and there were no hard feelings. i guess it was just time to move on. i have been sick with a cold-like, head-compression, moco-drippin something for over a week now and still got some lively activity goin on downstairs so it is nice to just chill in one of my favorite cities and take care of myself.
ive got a few more weeks before my departure and a visa to renew. im not sure what my itinerary will look like but a trip to mexico will definatley be on it. i have decided to stay in xela until i get well again and then have some more adventures.
thats just about all for now...stay tuned.

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davisconfused said...

yay for feeling better and yay for adventures! the goats at wild's edge are giving birth soon and i wish you could be here. blessings abound and the growth continues...