Monday, May 31, 2010

what happened while i was gone?

for the last week and a half i was in chiapas, mexico. during that time volcán pacaya erupted, a hurricane hit, towns were flooded, mudslides slid, roads were demolished, some people have gone missing and some have died.
yesterday morning i left san cristobal de las casas for xela. the trip usually takes 6 hours or so but yesterday it was about 12 hours before i arrived. the highway was wiped out in some places and in others it was covered with mud and debris. arriving to xela was no less comforting. it was somewhat of a ghost town. several streets were blocked off and big plies of pavement and mud lay on the corners and the streetsides. many homes have been flooded and 5 people in xela alone have been found dead.
my flight is scheduled to leave next wednesday from guatemala city. i think things should be cleared up there by then. currently no flights are coming or going due to the ash from the volcano and the heavy rains. traveling around the country is a bit more difficult now so i am gonna spend this next week in xela and take another round of classes at the language school to get in the last bits of grammar i have yet to learn. i am also going to volunteer at a local women´s weaving collective and refresh my tejer skills. making the best of it.
so in case you were worried, im alright, just slightly stranded for the time being.

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