Tuesday, June 15, 2010

back to the emerald city

im back. returned to seattle last wednesday evening. thursday basil and i moved into our capitol hill summer sublet. its a really sweet one bedroom with lots of big windows and houseplants. saturday was summery and we rode our bikes to vashon island to be at cory and shauna's wedding and we camped on the island that night before riding home sunday. the past few days i've been trying to register for summer classes at seattle central community college: waiting in lines and going from office to office filling out various forms and showing my photo ID a ridiculous number of times. its been no-stop newness and resettling, but all very fun and exciting.
there are many of you i wish to call and talk to in the next few days/weeks. my phone number is the same as it was before i left 520-508-0191 if you feel so inclined as to drop me a ring. here are some photos of recent life. enjoy.


lazy bones said...

goodness gracious, that apartment is so light and comforting

davisconfused said...

flitted back to seattle eh? well i'm pleased to know you are nearer to me and in a residence you like with someone you like for the summer.
i've been struggling with a new housemate and might be changing my living situation... but for now still at wild's edge in a very intense commited phase. we're getting almost a gallon of milk fro steph and bella combined and the kids are growing well. there is a lamb from one of the ewes in our flock! a couple months old now. please come up again to share blessings with us if you can!
fresh raw goat cheese! love!