Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back at it

So, I have not posted here in quite a while. I was negligent, true. I have been sharing a blog with my dear friend Lindsay, yes. But this morning while browsing through the Bisbee Copper Queen Library I have decided to start back up. I am without a phone or permanent address so I thoguth it would be good to return to this blog to let ya'll know what's happening in the life of Rae. (Ya'll has been adopted into my vocabulary). So here is the latest....

Two days ago I moved my life (hiking pack, two boxes of books, bike and dog) from Douglas to Bisbee, Arizona. I work in Bisbee at a natural food co-op and teach yoga. I have met some really great friends here and have been warmly welcomed into the community here. For the next three weeks I will be housesitting/dogsitting for this man named Andre on the side of a hill here in town. It is a beautiful quiet place with a veranda and clothesling outside my window.

When they return, I will go to Philly/Baltimore to go to Hannah Vail's wedding, see my pregnant Sarah and visit Jessica on the farm. Then I will return to Bisbee and move into an old brick building behind the old-time jailhouse-turned-travel agency. The building was once an ole wine shop and cellar owned by the Italians back in the 1920's. I will live near my two goo friends Jade and Peter who have a garden outside my front door. The Mexico border at Naco is 15 minutes away and I will be able to volunteer there at the resource center for migrants. I know nothing more of the future than this.

I hope to write more and share my writing, paint and draw and cook and hike in these mountains. I also want to learn to play harmonica. This may take some time, but for those of you in Seattle, I will be up there in the Springtime to visit and celebrate Abby and Jake's wedding.

Here is to new beginnings...

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