Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To be a Mountain

Today came in heavy and soft
from under the door frame.
It is fall and the green glory of summer has faded
It is almost Halloween
almost an election
a wedding, a birth, a funeral
it is almost winter.

Today I will walk the dogs.
They will scurry up the hill leaving me behind
Then turn in a joyous return.

Today I will ride my bike
Water the plants, cook and eat,
Visit some friends.

Today I will be good.

Because today, this morning
I am facing the mountainside
outside my window,
Fully aware of its incredible inconsistencies
which is what it is
and why it is so profound and poetic;

Because those tectonic plates would not stay put
but continued to shift and sway
to the rumbling rhythms and rancor
perpetually pulsating from Earth's center.

Beware of what those placid plains have to say about death and living.
When the heart receives the call to crash and collide with being,
become a mountain.

Heavy and soft,
rocky and rounded,
paradoxically perfect;
enduring of those today's almosts
watching them turn into yesterday's alreadys.
We will gaze up at your towering display of imperfection
and long for such bold sincerity.


Oliver said...


Thank you for sharing. I e-mailed this poem to Lisa, spreading the love. Sitting here with my planner open, knowing the schedule of my life for the next month, I wonder what new thing will come your way in 2 weeks. I love how you have fully embraced these changes and taken your seat in the bumpy ride, up and down and all around.
Love from here,

Olivia said...

rae- you are beautiful...
i rediscovered your blog today and want to share mine w. you:
our words can meet- virtual cheek to cheek.
love & peace,

davisconfused said...

thanks for sharing this. did you know there is a bisbee mountain? here's a picture.

Oliver said...

I was talking to my grandparents last week and they said they drove through Arizona. Apparently they went right through Bisbee! I had no idea or else I would have told them to meet you. I spent a good thirty minutes looking at google images for Bisbee the other night and found all the mountain names on a map. I miss you.
I chatted with Dr. Thorpe last week and told him that you've mentioned sending him your poetry. He welcomed the idea. His only request is that you specify whether you are sending them to share a personal experience/idea or whether you want him to critique it. I hope you pursue this, let me know what you think. I hope philly is treating you well, call me and tell me all about it soon.