Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My apologies dear ones

As many of you may have noticed, I have been slacking in the letter writing/responding. I am very sorry. I have been thinking again about selling my soul for a cell phone (it sounds a lot more painful then it will actually be) so I may be able to speak with you all. This is a tough decision for me so I am open for any opinions, questions, comments, etc.


abigail deon said...

Oh dear rachel. don't feel so bad. i have actually admired the fact that you haven't had a cell phone for all of these months. it has required me to write to you, which i have loved doing and have wished i have done more. letter-writing is a wonderful practice, and you have made it possible for it to be better-practiced by choosing not to have a phone. i'd encourage you to keep things how they are unless you really feel out of contact with your friends and family and find it important to help yourself be a better communicator in that way.
don't fret. you're wonderful.

p.s. jacob and i are thinking about a early june wedding now instead of late march due to some talk with my family. we'll keep you updated.

Oliver said...

I already gave you my 2 cents on this subject, but here is my 4 cents, since I forgot to add this in.

We discussed the possibility of a landline and I'm wondering why now you mention a cell phone. Is there impatience involved, or does it not a matter between land line and cell, but rather some other difference and again I'll ask what the motive is.

On a completely different cent.
my life is an earthquake right now. All the ground has been broken and I'm leaping from sharp, jagged edge, to hard cold ground. This is good, but also hard and I want to share so much of it with you, but where is the time?
I hope you are well, keeping bisbee well nourished with your love infused baked goods.

love all the way from here,

davisconfused said...

you already know my opinion of cell phones i think. my concern is with their impact on the health of individuals and also our environment. i believe the proliferation of cell phones has adversely affected human social behavior more than it has aided.
you don't need one. i do think a land line is an alright compromise though. it sure is nice to hear the voice of a loved one.